3 Way Soil Meter


  • Moisture meter is an accurate and easy way to measure the moisture content of the soil and lets you know when to water
  • Great for the worm bin
  • 3-way soil meter helps you determine if the plant is getting adequate light
  • Helps you control the PH level in the soil
  • Instructions are included
  • No batteries are required


Ensure your plants are well hydrated and healthy at all times by using the SunPack™ Tri-Meter Moisture, Light & pH . This product provides an accurate and easy way to measure the amount of moisture in the soil, so you’ll know when best to water. This 3-way soil meter also helps you determine if plants are getting enough light as well as measuring the pH level in the soil. The package includes instructions for use. This soil water meter does not require batteries. This can be used in the worm bin as well!