Pet Waste Worm Farm


Features and Benefits
• Will process 6.5 to 8.5 pounds of kitchen scraps/ pet waste per week
• Made from 100% recycled plastic
• Compost your pet droppings fast
• No mess-no fuss
• Non slip foot pedal


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Pet Poo Worm Farm

The low maintenance worm farming solution for small backyards.

The Pet Poo Worm Farm has been developed to turn your pet droppings into great
free organic fertilizer that promotes fantastic growth in your plants. By allowing
worms to process your pet poo and take the castings into the surrounding soil,
this product will enrich the soil in your garden with minerals and nutrients.

This can be used for cat waste as well!

  • Perfect for any backyard, courtyard or garden bed
  • Easy to install and easy to move around your yard
  • Compost your pet droppings fast with minimal work through the power of composting worms
  • The unit is tall so you don’t have to bend and is pedal driven so you don’t have to touch the lid to open
  • Insulated body and lid to prevent mess and odor
  • 20.5 x 17.7 x 35.3 dimensions and 28.6 pounds