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  • Worm composters (vermicomposters) are an easy and efficient way to quickly compost a variety of food and other scraps found around the home.
  • The resulting worm castings create a nutrient rich compost to use as a powerful soil additive.

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The HOT FROG Living Composter (Vermicomposter) is the 2nd generation of worm composters created by FCMP Outdoor. We’ve incorporated some terrific design updates in our latest version.

1) A moisture control water retention channel runs around the outside of each tray. Instead of allowing the liquids to fall directly through the tray this channel gathers moisture to prevent the bedding from drying out along the edges.

2) When it’s time to expand your living composter a collection of 40 angled tunnels extend down from the base of each tray directly into the bedding of the tray below. This provides ample opportunity for worms to migrate between trays.

3) Aeration is important for happy worms and good compost. A series of support points are molded into the lower edge of the trays. This raises the trays slightly allowing 360 degrees of airflow across the bedding.

4) The double walled lid and base provide excellent insulation against temperature swings helping to maintain an ideal environment. Happy worms are productive worms.

5) The spigot on the bottom allows you to collect the worm tea easily with no mess!

In addition to our updated features the HOT FROG Living Composter also has all the features traditionally found in worm composters. 1) The liquid collected in the reservoir base is known as worm tea. Mix 1 part tea with 1 part water to create an excellent fertilizer for plants. 2) The speed and efficiency of the vermicomposting process keeps typical composing odor to a minimum and allows the unit to be kept inside and used year-round. 3) Constructed from BPA free UV inhibited recycled polyethylene the plastic is contact safe and will not degrade if outside under direct sunlight. The maple hardwood legs are stained and urethane sealed for years of good looks

  • Dimensions: 15″ x 15″ x 22″
  • Each Tray holds aprox. 3 gallons
  • Comes with one brick of coconut coir and shredded paper to use as bedding. Just add worms!
  • Free Shipping  *within the lower 48 states.

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Love the education and products are great

Great experience except I would recommend that you tell people if they put fruit in the compost the ants will come and eat all the worms overnight. I set up my worm farm put in some apple peels, strawberries and bananas and the next day the entire farm was cover in ants and all the worms were eaten. Now I keep water around the farm and no sweets.


Love it

Well made, easy set up, works very happy

Alison K.

Easy to use, but really retains moisture

Lightweight, convenient size, easy to set up and maintain. My only word of caution is that it retains moisture almost too well. Keep an eye on it and have plenty of shredded newspaper and cardboard handy to soak up the excess, especially if you add very wet food scraps or freeze your scraps before adding them to the bin.

Christen M.

My worms arrived alive and

My worms arrived alive and wiggly. The Hot Frog Composter was easy to set up and my worms are happily doing their job of transforming my table scraps into usable compost.

Christen M. verified customer review of Hot Frog Living Composter ** FREE SHIPPING!** - Green
Elena H.

Love my worm farm

I have been using my worm farm for 2 weeks now and I absolutely love it. I make sure to process my worms food and freeze it. That way, it is nice and soft for them to eat. One thing I was not expecting was white mites in my system, but all my online research assured me that this was normal and even helpful. The size is perfect for me, our household size it 2 people plus 2 dogs. I feed the dogs meat scraps and the worms veggies scraps (dogs get some veggies too). I am 100% satisfied with my purchase

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