Hot Frog Essential Living Composter

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Moisture control and water retention channels
52 angled tunnels for compost extension
BPA-free UV-inhibited recycled polypropylene
Dimensions: 15″ x 15″ x 22″
Each tray holds ~ 3 gallons
Ample room for worms to mingle and migrate

Then you need this Children’s illustrated adventure book to help teach composting fun and factual! This book has Pee Wee describing an amazing adventure from a classroom worm bin to a backyard composter. Instructions are included on how to care for worms and harvest their castings! Kids will love digging, scooping, planting and sweeping with the children’s gardening set which contains four real, high-quality tools designed just for them! The gardening tools are designed to fit small hands and big imaginations, because childhood should be filled with squishy stuff, twisty mud tunnels and fantastic everyday adventures.

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  • The Hot Frog Essential Living Composter is an innovative solution that comes from a brand with composting tradition! Its unique design features a moisture control water retention channel around each tray – prevents the bedding from drying out and ensures that the worms are healthy and happy.The angled tunnels between the trays make it easy for the worms to migrate and efficiently compost, while the aeration points promote odor control and good airflow. The vermicomposting process is so efficient that the unit can be kept inside year-round.Plus, the Hot Frog Essential Living Composter is made from BPA-free, recycled polypropylene, making it durable and eco-friendly. With a brick of coconut coir and shredded paper included for bedding, setup is quick and easy.Order yours today and start composting with ease!

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