Uncle Jim’s Euro-Red Worm Combo Mix

$54.95 $40.95

Hold your worms at your local post office?

If there are going to be extreme temperatures where you are, we strongly recommend having your worms held at your local post office. This will ensure that they are not left outside in the extreme heat or cold.

Add 4 Pound Bag of Worm Food?

This material is the very food that we feed the worms on the farm. It is nutritious, organic, tasty, and will leave your worms salivating for more! This food keeps your worms parasite-free, healthy, and organic. Never before has a worm feed been so meticulously perfected. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!



500 composting worms + 250 supers reds = Great Savings and Great Fun!

The combo-compost mix puts together our voracious red wrigglers with our awesome super reds, all in one order! Apply the worms to the lawn or garden for adequate aeration. The red wrigglers will patrol through the shallow areas, while “big brother” super red will dive deeper for extreme tunneling. Or, use them both in your composting system! Both worms are excellent composting worms, consuming and producing as much as their own body weight in castings each day! Witness the greatness as they tear through all of your vegetable scraps and coffee grounds, increasing in size, only to transform into excellent fish bait! A can’t-go-wrong order if you’re looking to test out two of our top worms at low price!



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