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We will send it to you FREE with this purchase. Its our famous vermicompost. Perfect addition to any lawn, garden or potted plant.

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When your food scraps pile up, don’t throw them out. Get yourself some red wigglers. They are only 1 -3 inches in length, and are about as thin as a pencil lead, but don’t call them little. When these guys group together, they become a voracious force, consuming anything in their path. Mountains of vegetable scraps wouldn’t stand a chance. The worms will break them one bite at a time. But don’t fear their powerful passion, encourage it. The food they consume gets digested, and transformed into some of the most nutritious material that lawns and gardens could grow in: worm castings! These worm castings are 7 times richer in phosphates, 5 times richer in nitrogen, and 11 times richer in potash than the average lawn soil. This valuable substance is a result of your trash! Don’t supply local trash heaps with your waste; give it to some red wiggler worm! By far, these guys are the best gardeners on the planet, and will only help out your lawn or garden or both! Decrease waste, decrease the need for earth-destroying chemical, and increase organic production all at the same time! These worms may be small, but provide a large service to saving the Earth!

Guaranteed Live
Insect/ Mite Free*
Instructions on how to add to lawn/garden/composters
Great for Composting with Worms
Excellent Trout Fishing Worm or for bait fish. Look into the European Night Crawlers for serious fishing!

*  We strive to maintain insect/mite free orders! However, please keep in mind it is nearly impossible to keep all living creatures out of the worm bin. Especially on the scale to which we raise our worms, both indoors and outdoors. However, orders should never be infested with any type of insect/mite, if that is the case with your order, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you.

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Uncle Jim's Big Composting Worm Bag


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