Soil Building for Sustainable Gardens


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One of the most important things a gardener can do is to build up the soil in her garden. But keep in mind that soil-building is not a one-time operation – it’s a process. As humus is devoured by microorganisms, worms, and plants, more organic material must constantly be added in order to keep the soil biomass, and thereby the plants, well-fed and happy. Also, humus makes the soil porous and fluffy, builds a strong soil structure, and releases nutrients in a form that’s easily absorbed by plant roots.
Chemical fertilizers will not add humus to the soil. These are merely nutritional supplements; plants and their soil need real food – organic material.
This book shows you all sorts of ways to get organic material into the soil to improve soil health and soil fertility, which in turn improves plant health — for better gardens, higher yields, and more gorgeous flowers.

Length: 113 pages