Live Mealworms for Sale – 1000 Count – FREE Shipping


Mealworms are great for:

  • Fishing Bait
  • Bird & Reptile Food
  • Vermicomposting
  • Science Projects


Introducing Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm Live Mealworms for Sale – the ultimate protein-packed snack for your critters and greenery! Whether you need fishing bait, bird, reptile, and tortoise food, or sustainable compost for your garden, this versatile and nutrient-rich mix of standard mealworms and medium mealworms is the perfect solution.

These wiggly critters may not be the most glamorous creatures out there, but they sure are versatile and have earned their place in the world. Although they might look like they could use a good meal themselves, giant mealworms are high in protein, fiber, and essential amino acids, making them a favorite of our aquatic, feathered, and furry friends.

Not only do quality mealworms make great food for pets as a protein treat, fish bait, and wild bird watchers’ ace in the sleeve, but they also make a fantastic natural fertilizer for your plants. With the right care and maintenance, our high-quality organic mealworms can last up to ninemonths, providing a reliable and steady supply of protein-packed goodness – no shipping charges included!

  • Multi-Practical: Forget about dead, dried-out mealworms. Live mealworms can be used as a sustainable protein food source for animals, fish bait, or wild bird bait (blue birds can’t get enough of the mealworm chow!). Mealworms also reduce food waste by chowing down kitchen scraps and leftovers and act as a natural fertilizer for plants boosting soil quality and promoting healthy growth. 
  • Long Life Cycle: With the right care, mealworm wigglers are the gift that keeps on giving – depending on moisture, feed, and regular temperature, they can last up to nine months, providing a reliable and steady supply of protein-packed bird, fish & small pet food or organic fertilizer to mealworm buyers.
  • Fun & Easy to Raise: Whether you’re an experienced mealworm farmer or a newbie, taking care of live mealworms is a breeze! Raising live mealworms at home in a plastic container or another mealworm storage container can be an enjoyable and educational hobby or science project for adults and children, requiring minimal effort and supplies.

For over 40 years, Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm has been providing high-quality bulk mealworms for sale to anyone looking for some wiggly help. Order our Live Mealworms – 1000 Count Quantity today without any shipping costs and see why our live mealworms are the talk of the town, lining up nothing but glowing customer reviews! 

  • All orders come with straightforward instructions
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  • A mouthful of mealworms: Fresh and healthy mealworms 3/4 inch in size
  • Shipping container: Shipped in a zippered bag 
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