The Nitty Gritty - Uncle Jim's Worm Farm

The Nitty Gritty

Uncle Jim’s worm farm gives you the most important ingredient of all… Knowledge. I show you how to get these critters Happy, Healthy and Multiplyin’ and Multiplyin’. I don’t just sell you worm and say, “Bye-Bye.

Uncle Jim Sets You up With …

The Worm Bin
A sturdy flexible container that is perfect for raising the compost worms.

Uncle Jim’s Own Special Worm Meal
Guaranteed for quick growth and reproduction. Specially granulated to keep your kit clean and odorless.

Uncle Jim’s worm farm’s own Special Worm Bedding
Worms love it! “Back yard dirt” just doesn’t perform.

The Composting Worms

Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm specialty, healthy Red Wiggler(Eisenia Foetida) composting worms raised in the beautiful Susquehanna Valley of Pennsylvania.


Indispensable information bout feeding, watering and raising Champion Red wiggler Worms.

Bottom line is that we just don’t have red worms for sale, Uncle Jim’s wants to go above and beyond!

Okay, by now I know you’re salivating…

Thinking about those worm recipes… No, I know, you’re screaming to know…

“How do I get started raising Red Wigglers?”

It’s Easy

Uncle Jim’s worm farm sets you up with everything: The Feed, Bedding, Instructions and of course… The Red Worms.
And What An Investment.

Talk about a return on an investment… once Full grown, Uncle Jim’s Composting Red Worms lay capsules every 30 days.

Each capsule contains six or seven “Baby Worms.” With proper care (Feeding, Watering & Bedding), the results are awesome!

Uncle Jim will give you all the info. It’s simple.