Wishing Well

Wishing Well



Product Description

Reinforced thermoformed lid with a rainwater hole allowing moisture to reach the compost. During heavy rains the lid prevents too much rainwater from turning your rich compost into mud. Three hand holds around the top allow your composter to be easily lifted off a working pile. 30 ” tall & 36″ diameter. The easy to use gate lets you get to the richer compost found at the bottom of the container. The handle provides easy opening.

Key Highlights Include:

100% post-consumer HDPE plastic
Wishing Well Composter Dimensions: 36 Diameter x 30H inches
18 cubic feet capacity
The stainless-steel hardware stands up well to outdoor elements
Approximate weight is 15 lbs.
10-year limited manufacturer’s warranty
Thermoformed lid has central rainwater hole and lifts off completely for easy compost loading
Molded brick pattern for unique look and solid black sidewall to retain heat
Base has 1/2-inch air slots to assist ventilation and 2 foot gate in the base with handle makes access to compost easy.
No tools needed for assembly; assembly time approximately 20 minutes

Enclosed with compost bin:

(1) A useful sixteen page Guide to Backyard Composting.

(2) Compost bin assembly instructions.

(3) Holding pegs ensures your bin stays securely in place.

(4) Four sets of stainless steel nuts and bolts, as well as wingnuts for the access gate.

Temperature, air flow, and moisture are essential for successful composting. The tough black wall of the bin helps retain necessary heat. Both bin and lid are made from 100% post-consumer plastic and has ultra-violet light inhibitors to prevent fading and adds to the Wishing Well’s long life. Intake slits around the base air is drawn up through the pile aiding decomposition.

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