CowPot12 Pack

CowPot™12 Pack


Product Description

A CowPot is an exciting high-performing alternative to plastic and peat pots. Made from composted manure-fiber, our seed starter pots are made by American farmers for plantUncle Jim’s Worm Farm – Your Source for CowPots! lovers everywhere. These earth-friendly “pots you plant” are made with biodegradable, 100% renewable composted cow manure and once planted quickly biodegrade giving you the benefits of manure and allowing roots to quickly expand and grow a stronger, healthier plant.cp2

Planted pots biodegrade fast
Roots easily penetrate CowPots
Healthier roots = stronger plants
Enriches garden soil, naturally!

Our special manufacturing process removes all of the weeds, pathogens and odor from the manure. All that’s left is the natural fiber and goodness of manure: the perfectly plantable pot!


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