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Compost Wizard Hybrid


Product Description

The Compost Wizard Hybrid revolutionizes the way we do gardening. The innovative design cUncle Jim’s Worm Farm Your Source for Compostersuts down cost (compared to buying a Rain Wizard 50 and Compost Wizard Jr) and also saves space by reducing your footprint. But even more, the whole unit works together to fuse earth and water. As the top barrel is rotated, gravity and centrifugal forces squeeze out excess liquid from the compost which flows out onto the base where it’s channeled into the barrel. From there it mixes directly with the rain water collected from your gutters forming nutrient packed plant food.
Pretty Simple! Pretty Awesome! This product combines a rain barrel and a compost tumbler into one! You plug your gutter down spout into the unit to collect the water! Add your organic debris into the tumbler part to create  grade- A organic compost.


-Combines a Rain Barrel and Composter into one unit
-7 cubic foot capacity/47 gal. rain barrel
-Recessed handles for easy turning
-Wheeled base for effortless turning
-Large 12″ twist lid & aeration holes
-Pet and child friendly
-Directly mix tea with rain water
-Anti-debris screen on base
-Available in: Black, Oak, Forest Green, Khaki, Terra Cotta
-1 year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty
-Made in the USA


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