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Making a Do-It-Yourself Worm Bin for less

If you are interested in doing some worm farming, and want to do it for an inexpensive cost, then you have come to the right place.  We will look at a specific plan for a Do-it-yourself worm bin, and explore some of the cheaper options for building the right worm farm.

For this article, we are going to keep the goal in mind, and that would be to make this extremely affordable.  When you are trying to keep things cheap on a worm bin, sometimes you need to keep in mind that you want this to be a successful project, not just a cheap one.  Hopefully, we will explore how to do both.  So rather than go spend a hundred dollars on a bin, without even getting the worms, we thought we could help you save some money right off the bat.  If we can keep the cost down on the worm bin, then it will allow us to spend more money on the actual worms!


The best bin for this I have seen are some eighteen gallon rubbermaid bins, two of them. You can find these at an average department grocery superstore such as Costco, Walmart, or Target. We also sell specific worm bins on our site!  These are fantastic things to start with, and poke holes in the first bin(the one on the inside). One is going to rest inside the other.  If you have some newspapers, and can make some bedding, then your worms will hatch happily.  This cuts the cost down quite a bit.

If you can go ahead and get your own rubbermaid bins, that are closer to twenty bucks, and you can get some soil from outside and use your newspapers as some bedding, you will be able to buy two or three extra pounds of worms with the money you will save.


In worm farming, I am a firm believer that the goal should be to get the optimal health and success of the worms, with the least cost put into it.  There is a law of diminishing returns, and the line to cross is set very low.  I mean, these are worms.  Not vintage classic muscle cars or something that can break if you don’t throw all your money into it.
Hopefully these tips help you out on starting a worm bin.  Let us know how your projects go!


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