Adding a Worm Blanket to Your Vermicomposting Bin

Whether your vermicomposting bin is situated indoors or outdoors, you should consider adding a worm blanket. Even though most bins are already equipped with a lid, a worm blanket comes in handy. It helps maintain moisture, protects your worms from the elements, and keeps the bin dark. This article will help clarify any questions you may have about coverings. What is the Purpose of the Lid on a Vermicomposting Bin? Whether your vermicomposting bin is indoors or outdoors, you usually need a lid. Lids for indoor bins serve many functions: Isolate odors from within Deter insects such as fruit flies Discourages dogs from foraging in the bin Retains moisture Helps regulate the internal bin and bedding temperature Keeps the worm bin dark, which is the way worms like it

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