Why Fruit Flies Invade Composting Pails and What to Do About It

Whether you are composting indoors or out, irritating little fruit flies sometimes invade your house. Exposing organic matter to the air attracts drosophila melanogaster. Even fresh fruit on the countertop or in a fruit bowl brings them on. How do fruit flies get into the house? How can you prevent them? What can you do to get rid of them? Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm has been dealing with this question for over 40 years. Types of Composting Most households choose to compost kitchen scraps outdoors. They collect wasted organic material a pail or container with a lid. After some scraps have accumulated, they dump the scraps into a larger outdoor composter. This could be a pile, a rough structure made from scrap materials, a tote(link), a composter purchased from a store, or a composter bought online.

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