Finding the Right Mix of Food for Your Composting Worms

composting scraps

Composting worms will produce nutrient-rich fertilizer for your garden, but you need to feed them right. This is not difficult. Treat these invertebrates like little living creatures – which they are! Worms have likes and dislikes. Putting the right mix of food into your vermicomposting bin helps them do their job: turn trash into treasure. Let’s start with what composting worms dislike. They don’t like an acidic environment. Whatever you add to the worm bin becomes part of their environment. So, do not add acidic foods such as:

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Composting & Recycling: Sustainable Zero-Waste Event Planning

A typical convention, marathon, conference, wedding reception, large party, horse show, festival, or trade show produces huge amounts of trash. With careful event planning, the amount of trash generated can be dramatically reduced. This helps save resources and reduces cleanup time. Zero-waste events redirect organic matter into composting programs and move plastic, metal, glass and cardboard into recycling programs. Event planners can do the math. Typically, it’s less expensive to prevent waste and separate out useful materials than it is to

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