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Avenger Organics Granular Fertilizer
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Avenger Organics Granular Fertilizer

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With so many concerns over product performance, safety, and the environment, you can’t afford to take chances with what you’re growing, from golf courses and sports fields to Uncle jims Worm Farm- Your Source For Organic Fertilizers!vegetables, field crops or nurseries. Avenger Organics fertilizers improve soil structure, and water holding capacity over long term use. These precision products also help prevent nutrient leaching and volatilation. Made entirely of recycled material (processed and pasteurized poultry litter) our fertilizer is pathogen free and perfectly safe for people and animals. Trust Avenger Organics pasteurized, all-natural, certified organic granular fertilizer, to meet all your goals…

• Superior performance – long term composting, strict production processes and quality inputs

• Encouraging soil microorganisms – providing an opportunity to reduce pesticide use

• Plant and environment safety –no risk of harm to plants, animals, people or your water source

• Cost-efficiency – compared to synthetic nutrient sources

• Slow nutrient release from natural microbial breakdown

• Trace nutrients including calcium for improved plant cell structure

• No foliar burn potential

• Inhibit soil pathagens through stimulation of soil microorganisms

• Improve soil structure over long term use

• Safe to apply around people and animals

• No chemical additives or contaminants

• Pasteurized, pathogen and weed seed free

• Can be safely applied near wells and water sources

• Supports thatch degradation and soil biological processes

• Boast the use of organic products


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