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Worm friendly Habitat
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Worm friendly Habitat

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 Very simple easy to use Worm Friendly Habitat. These worm bins were once only available in bulk sales to township composting projects. This bin will be the foundation of your small worm farm! Uncle Jim's Worm Farm. Your #1 Compost Spot

Now, they are available to the public! Simple and easy. Just add bedding, worms and a few food scraps and let the worms do the work for you. Worm castings are one of the best known soil amendments available. 

Each unit features a snap on lid and carrying handles to move the bin wherever you want!. Air flow for the worms is provided through three candy apple vents, one on the top and two on the body (one at each end).  No instructions provided. Worms must be ordered separately


  • Size Dimensions: 22.5" L x 17.5" W x 12.5"
  • Capacity: 14 gallons
  • Weight in lbs: 14 gal  or approx. 7 lbs
  • Compostion: Green and black plastics
  • Usage: Kitchen food scraps; Low cost municipal distribution
  • Key Features: 3 red apple vents; waterproof; Units nest well for compact storage
  • Warranty: 1 year


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